"This [Jitterbug] class was wonderful! We are planning to come again soon. I also liked that the last night involves dressing up."
—Kyla Dvorak, Fort Collins, CO
"Loved it [the Jitterbig class]! We look forward to taking more classes!"
—Jennifer Glodowski, Fort Collins, CO
"Loved the class. The waltz is so romantic and when I stopped "thinking" and just danced, I felt like Cinderella! And there was the special connection with the waltz and my father so that made it memorable. Thank you, Dave. Can't wait for the Cha-Cha."
—Diana Curran, Fort Collins, CO
"I am loving my classes. They are the highlight of my week."
—Krista Churchill, Special-Needs Teacher, Poudre School District
"This is my second time for Salsa I and it was very helpful to review and improve my dance moves. Always more to learn but at least I can dance with some confidence. Thanks, Dave!"
—Diana Curran, Fort Collins, CO
"We had a great time at each [Lindy Hop] lesson. Good instruction, good pace, easy to follow. We plan on taking more lessons when time allows. We told all our friends about your web site."
—Andy (and Tonya) Gilmore, Detective, Greeley Police Department, Greeley, CO
"I thoroughly enjoyed the class! It was great to learn how to follow by dancing with the different guys in the class. Dave and Allison kept me on my toes with gentle reminders about technique in a funny, non-threatening way. By the last class, I felt I was really dancing even though I know there will always be room for improvement. Hopefully, by taking this class again and getting in some practice at the Rio, I'll be a Salsa Queen in no time. Thanks again, Dave."
—Diana Curran, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave, thank you again for your work with me for Fort Collins' Dancing With the Stars. I had a wonderful time this evening, and we raised some money for a good cause. You're a gentleman and a scholar and a VERY good lead."
—Amy Rosenberg, Attorney, Fort Collins, CO
"Great class. I enjoyed dancing with lots of different people. My brain works well having the moves dissected into small steps so I enjoyed the cerebral method of instruction."
—Jenny Powers, Fort Collins, CO
"This [Balboa class] was a great experience for me I had never taken any kind of dance class before and don't have very much rhythm. I stuck with the class and learned so much and was able to relax, and learn how to dance. Thanks for being patient with me. . . . This [Blues] class was a lot harder then the other class that I took probably because of the creativity involved in the class. Thanks for teaching me and helping me learn it was really nice. I had fun on the last day when I put everything together and was surprised how much I learned."
—Jason Marcum, Cheyenne, WY
"Hi Dave, We had a GREAT time! Travis was just beaming and we are talking about how to fit more in after these. Thank you so much!! . . . Thanks so much again. We're already looking forward to it!"
—Jaylynn Lawrence, after first dance lesson with fiancé Travis
"The wedding dance went over really well, even though Megan threw a shoe about 3 moves into it. We didn't feel like it was our best performance but nobody else knew that so it was great. Some people even cried. Thanks a lot for your help and we'll try to send a video when we get one. We're having technology issues. :)"
—Mickey and Megan Gutwein, Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave :)
Married life is wonderful! The wedding dance went awesome and there was a lot of yelling. Everyone loved it. Thank you so much for everything. We definitely could not have done it without you."
—Newlyweds Ken and Shellie Smith, Fort Collins, CO
Bill: Good to hear from you! We have not forgot about you and in fact have a CD for you of some video that one of the bridesmaids took of part of the dance. I think from most everyone's perspective it looked good. I on the other hand thought I did terrible! . . . Of course I remembered nothing once the dance started. :) Well that's not totally true. We'll tell you about it when we come over to drop off the CD. Perhaps this Sunday.
Laura: . . .I had a wonderful time dancing with "my man." He did a great job leading; I felt confident and secure. Yes, there was A LOT of hootin' and hollerin' as evidenced on the CD.
—Newlyweds Bill and Laura Snodgrass, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you so much for the lessons! If you click on the link and scroll to the bottom, you will see that Jeremy executed the DIP PERFECTLY!!! :) Mooned the DJ and everything!"
—Newlyweds Jeremy Gould-Ginesi and Lindsey Theige, Fort Collins, CO
"Loved it! I had a lot of fun! I am very happy to have learned jitter bug! I will definitely take this class again. Thanks again for a great experience and a really fun time!"
—Linda Koopman, Loveland, CO
"I think you guys are awesome and I hope to take many more classes as the years go by :)"
—Meaghan Green, UNC Psychology Student, Greeley, CO
"This [Country Two-Step class] was a particularly tough class to teach because of the participants' varied levels of ability. I appreciated how you were able to individualize and adapt the material to appropriately challenge each student. Great job, Dave!"
—Lisa Whittle, Fort Collins, CO
"I had a great time and will be taking more classes in the future. The only reason I said the pace was a bit too quick was mostly due to the fact that I'm a slow learner! (Hence the additional classes. . . ) Thanks again!"
—Matt Seitz, 911 Operator, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave — This [West Coast Swing class] was an AMAZING experience! I can't believe how much I learned in such a short amount of time. At first, the level of detail was a bit overwhelming, but I came to appreciate the "why" behind the moves and it increased my overall understanding of dance in general. . . . your comprehensive understanding of dance, your ability to effectively explain the steps, your knack for coaching and correcting in a way that is palatable and nonintimidating, and your sense of humor synergistically made this a delightful experience. Thank you for that—and for honoring God in all that you do. I look forward to future classes!"
—Lisa Whittle. Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave,
I've been meaning to send you an email for awhile now to thank you for all you did to help us prepare for our dance at our daughter's wedding. We had such a blast and everyone was so surprised and was hooting and hollering and having a great ole time watching us. So many people came up to us afterwards and complimented us on how great we looked. The photographer said he's photographed many weddings before but never seen anything that cool done for the bride and groom. Anyway, it was a lot of fun working with you and was so good for Brian and me in so many ways. We've definitely talked about continuing some classes so we'll be in touch. Thanks again Dave!"
—Amy Cade, Mother of the Bride, Fort Collins, CO
"Sooooo much fun! We can't wait to take another class. Thank you!"
—Laurel Honegger, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave, I think you're great! I really appreciate that you try different approachs (since the "What did you notice?/What was the difference?/etc." type questions do nothing for me (that's me. . . ) So, I really appreciate that you individually danced with me (and with Dave as "the girl") because it gave me visceral feedback (or whatever that stuff is). And, that things were in little, bitty bites—particularly with Rueda. You're great, Dave!!!"
—Mary Ellen Holmes, Harpist, Fort Collins, CO
"Great [Salsa 2] class as always! Dave, you're a bottomless pit of cool moves and great at explaining them. Julia was a super fun and very helpful co-instructor."
—Ken Monks, CSU Mathematics Grad Student, Fort Collins, CO
"I had a BLAST tonight, Dave. This [Rueda] is such a fun class. Even that "air guy" was pretty good. His lead was kinda weak, but maybe he'll be better next Wednesday. Have a great rest of the week; see you on Tuesday."
—Amy Rosenberg, Attorney, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you so so so much! We had so much fun [in the Country Two-Step class] and I am hoping I can convince my dad to take another class in the future!"
—Kelsey Mauch, Fort Collins, CO
"Another great [Tango] class Dave! Amanda and I are enjoying dance so much!"
—Mark Dolphin, Building Maintenance, Fort Collins, CO
"That [Rueda class] was lots of fun! I will definitely take another class with you!"
—Dan Wood, Fort Collins, CO
"THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU. If Martha ever goes on a honeymoon again, please count me in. (Five, six, seven, eight. . . ) It was a blast. You're a fabulous and patient teacher and I'm glad you made me learn shim-sham. (Ready for Broadway, indeed.)"
—Amy Rosenberg, Attorney, Fort Collins, CO,
after she accompanied Dave to a Goodtimes Dance Club dance
when Dave's usual dance partner Martha was on her honeymoon
"Danced from 6:30 to 9:45 last night. I could have gone on forever. I can't believe how much I love to dance. Had Balboa and Jitterbug lessons. If anyone is looking for the best teacher ever check out The Dancer Guy/Dave Arns!"
—Colette LeFay, Fort Collins, CO (from a Facebook posting on Jun 6, 2011)
"Great class. I need to take it again and this time try a little harder and practice a little more. Thanks for your excellent patience and good humor, you are a great instructor."
—Tim Loser, HP Electrical Engineer
"Dave is fantastically detailed and methodical in his explanations of the moves. His teaching style can't be beat. Martha was a great assistant instructor too, fun and super helpful. The Blues class was definitely my favorite! Great music, cool moves, good times."
—Ken Monks, Mathematics Grad Student at CSU
"DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE! Dave, Dave, Dave! (My) Dave and I had so much fun at the PVH Foundation fundraiser this evening. We danced some waltz and foxtrot AND HE SUCCESSFULLY DIPPED ME! AND, AND, AND the Jive Cats were there, doing demos, and dancing when everyone else was out on the floor, and one of them asked if I'd like to dance.

So I did.

He asked if I could do cha-cha, and I told him I could, so we did that for a while (with a bunch of shoulder and hip checks and pedal spins and a LOT of the standard salsa moves). And then the band sort of moved into rock and roll and he asked if I had ever done Lindy or West Coast and I said, yes to both, and then we just kept going back and forth as the band changed styles until we were done.

It was SO good. And I told everybody who my instructor is.

Can you hear me grinning? Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou."
—Amy Rosenberg, Attorney, Fort Collins, CO
"I really like how instructive Dave is during the lessons. I like knowing what I'm supposed to be doing along with what my partner is supposed to be doing. It is helpful that Dave teaches what to do, what not to do, and how to recover from unexpected situations."
—Norelle Compton, Fort Collins, CO
"I had a ton of fun taking this [Salsa] class. Dave is exceptionally knowledgeable and can break moves down to a level where anyone can understand."
—Michelle Mellenthin, Fort Collins, CO
"I really, really enjoyed the class and we are looking forward to taking more classes with you in the future. We also thought the opening and closing prayers were very refreshing. Keep up the good work!"
—Mark Dolphin, Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave, Just wanted to reiterate how much I enjoyed the West Coast dance lessons! Your class was not only informative, but also fun! Your method of teaching dance was easy to follow which I personally appreciated! Again, thank you and your assistants for the fun class! Look forward to taking more from you!"
—Diana Keck, Loveland, CO
"We really enjoyed the class and plan to take another :) I've also been trying to spread the word to friends."
—Molly McLaren, Fort Collins, CO
"Once again, I totally loved the class. Thank you so much for the privilege of being in your class. I do look forward to another class in the future. We will let you know when that is possible."
—Linda Koopman, Loveland, CO
"I had a blast learning WCS, and it was definitely an interesting dance to learn for my first set of lessons. Thank you."
—Mike Habel, Student, Loveland, CO
"I really enjoyed this class and look forward to future classes! The fellowship alone was worth the experience. I have always wanted to learn to dance properly, but have never taken the time. Sorry for all the giggles. . . Thanks for the extra TLC."
—Lori Margolf, RN/EHR Specialist, PVHS
"I thought the class was great, even if it was a stretch for me. But God revealed to me that learning the dance steps/moves is like the evangelical part of the dance (Christian life). The charismatic part is the actual dance like being moved and led by Holy Spirit. All this time I thought I was "walking in the Spirit" but actually I just know the right "moves" and do it on my own power. It is just an imitation and not truly being led by the touch of the Spirit. OH, my. Praise God for His faithfulness and patience."
—Susan Santistevan, Christ Center Community Church
"I had a great time! I was challenged and found that I could learn to dance! Thank you so much for all your hard work and patience. I truly loved it! I can't wait for the next class, and we will want to take the waltz class again, hopefully soon. Thanks again!"
—Linda Koopman, Loveland, CO
"Great great great great great! Simply can't wait to take another class from Dave. So patient, so friendly, so willing to clarify and offer constructive criticism."
[earlier, commenting on the fact that she received the dance classes as a Christmas present, she said]
"This is the greatest Christmas present ever!"
—Elise Frucci, Nursing Student, Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave! I just wanted you to know how great I feel about how the dance class has been going for us! First, I never imagined Jim would want to keep this up with me! And he is even working in time for practicing into his schedule! (his idea!) Second, I never thought I would EVER be able to learn to dance—so whatever I can accomplish in these classes is a huge milestone for me!! :) Third—-I am having so much fun, which is a really nice thing! I thank God every day for the ability to keep moving forward and be happy no matter what I face and trust that things will work out in my life if I keep the faith and believe that good comes out of anything. Which is absolutely true—there is good in everything! Thank you for teaching us, your time and patience are much appreciated!!"
—Linda Walsh, Fort Collins, CO
"Especially for tango, I benefit from one-on-one instruction. Honestly, it's so intricate and subtle that I can't imagine learning it any other way. Supervised repetition is what I need and that's what I'm getting."
—Amy Rosenberg, Attorney, Fort Collins, CO
"It has felt like forever since we've seen you too! The dance went AMAZING we had a wonderful time and were totally in the moment. It was cool at the end because we looked around and everyone was either screaming, or crying with joy! ;-) One of my co-workers that didn't even have dancing at her wedding asked her husband if he would learn with her!!! Pete and I would love to start dancing again. . . "
—Newlyweds Peter and Kristin Rhoades, Fort Collins, CO
Dave, the wedding went off flawlessly and a big part of the success was all the dancing afterward. Even the band members commented on the number of guests who were dancing—and how well—and this band plays major gigs in the D.C. area, so I'm betting they see some very competent folks.

(My) Dave and I felt very confident out on the dance floor. He and Hannah's father-daughter dance was perfect and their "butterfly" went the width of the dance floor. The most gratifying thing for me was not OUR dances (three for three perfect and dramatic dips that drew applause, thank you very much), but that he danced with our younger daughter, Sarah, and a variety of other ladies attending, and that he smiled the entire time. I did some west coast swing with my darling new son-in-law; I didn't stop myself; I let the ballistics take over; and we had a blast. Lots of compliments back and forth and all around. My brother and sister-in-law said that it looked like so much fun that they want to investigate taking lessons when they get back to Austin. Thanks for the great instruction, Dave. It's like Hannah said of the florist, caterer, etc.: "Sometimes, it's just better if you work with a pro and let them do their jobs."

I'll see you Wednesday at 5:30. Thanks, again, Dave. You were a huge part of making everything go right.
—Amy Rosenberg, Attorney and Mother of the Bride, Fort Collins, CO
"The more I got to know Dave the better I liked him. I enjoyed him as an instructor."
—Dave Dornan, Realtor, Fort Collins, CO
"Loved the class! Great instruction, and tons of fun!! Can't wait for our next class!"
—Kelly Volland, Flight Attendant, Loveland, CO
"Dave, I have loved every moment. So much fun. I wish I were a faster learner, need a girl around to practice with. That will be a while. None-the-less, I love to attend the classes and I always appreciate your skill as both a dancer and teacher. Debbie and I have taken ballroom three times together. I learned more in the first week really than the other lessons combined. Thank you very much."
—Mike Wiseman, Fort Collins, CO
"Dear Dancer Guy Dave,
I would like to thank you for sharing your knowledge with so many of us wannabe great dancers. You are so skilled and professional in what you do that something that can be so daunting to many of us becomes. . . "Yes, sure I can be that good too!" I hope that I can find an instructor [when I move to California] as dedicated and kind as you have been. Thank you for the fun and great lessons and gentle encouragement. Many Blessings."
—Flow Van Koten, Fort Collins, CO (until recently)
[Excerpt from response to fourth-anniversary email] ". . . We still get compliments on our wedding dance. Thanks so much for helping us with that."
—Andrew Beavers, Fort Collins, CO
[Describing dance classes taken elsewhere] ". . . The young lady teaching (a very nice person) admitted that the owner had taught her some basics and then let her loose to teach the classes. Feeling like she needed more instruction if she was to teach Level 2 classes, this young lady contacted the instructor numerous times and never had phone calls returned. So she tried to stick with Level 1 classes. Rather than trying to teach as much as possible in a class session, she tried to delay and draw things out to fill an hour because she didn't have enough material to teach. My wife, Pat, didn't mind so much, but after [daughter] Heather and I started taking classes with you, I realized what a vast difference in knowledge and teaching ability there was. . . . "
—Craig Asmussen, Greeley, CO
"I actually wish the classes had been a couple of weeks longer so that by the end of them, we actually could dance an entire class to music. I'd be willing to pay more to have a couple more classes. I had great fun and I love that although things had to be repeated many times to the students, the teachers were very understanding and patient."
—Karen McLaughlin, Fort Collins, CO
"I think [Waltz] has been my favorite dance so far. I will come again when I have more time!! Thanks for such a great time!"
—GayleAnn Schwindt, Fort Colins, CO
"Hi Dave! First, I wanted to thank you for offering these dance classes and tell you how much i enjoy them! The whole world seems to go away when I'm down in your dance studio and I'm able to have so much fun! . . . That being said, it seems as if we are going to take the fox trot class starting this thursday! And we will see how that goes. I feel like I am finally sort of getting it, I'm guessing in about 20 years I'll finally have the counting part down! (I wonder why dancing is so hard for me??) I'm really determined to learn this, and you are a great teacher!! Thanks again for sharing your gift of dancing!! See you on Thursday!"
—Linda Walsh, Fort Collins, CO
"The dance went SO WELL! We definitely nailed it, and had a lot of fun, the dip at the end really got people going. We had everything videotaped and we just watched it recently. It looked as good as it felt. We will have to get you the clip of it. People definitely loved it and were very impressed. Other than our families, we hadn't told anyone we were taking lessons so they mostly expected the old "high-school swaying" routine. They were blown away to see us do a real dance. We also danced on our honeymoon and at a few friends' weddings since, and have loved it. We definitely can't thank you enough and hope to learn some other dances too in the future."
—Newlyweds Kyle and Christina Feldhus, Fort Collins, CO
"The wedding dance was fantastic! . . . The feedback from friends and family was phenomenal. Something so special and different for BJ and I. . . . the crowd went wild! I will never forget the occasion. . . . it was fantastic and one I will treasure forever. Thank you Dave."
—Patty Harsch, Mother of the Groom, referring to mother/son wedding dance
"Thank you so much for my intro [Salsa] class. I wasn't able to start again this month but will definately be coming to a class the next month I can. Thank you for your patience in teaching, it really made it easy to learn and to refer everyone I meet to your classes. Thank you again! See you soon!"
—Amy Sheldon-Taylor, Fort Collins, CO
"Want to take more group lessons; also possibly private lessons because we feel we made strides in "lead/follow" when critiqued by instructors (both Dave and Michelle)."
—Miki Johnson, Greeley, CO
"Our first dance was amazing!!! The dip was a HUGE hit!"
—Newlyweds Stephen and Julie Gold, High-Tech Engineers, Fort Collins, CO
"[Country Two-Step class was] really fun and affordable! I'm so happy to have found this! . . . Dave teaches in a fun and happy way. I enjoy the class so much and plan to continue taking lessons from him as long as he offers them! Dave is a wonderful teacher, I'm really happy to have met him!"
—Linda Walsh, Fort Collins, CO
"It was a fun [West-Coast Swing] class. At first I thought it was going to be too difficult but the pace was just right and I felt a great sense of accomplishment at the end of each lesson. Instructors were patient and encouraging and kept it fun."
—Cheryl Reno, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave, I had so much fun and it ended too soon! I am so sorry that I couldn't sign up again for the tango and sorry I couldn't call you I have had laringitis and I am on my way to oklahoma for a convention,(it was very last minute) so I guess I will skip a month and come back the following month! I look forward to your next classes! God bless you Dave! You are brilliant and beautiful! :)"
—Kathy Farber, mother of eleven, Fort Collins, CO
"I wanted to thank you for all the dance lessons you endured with Cassie and I. I sometimes felt like I had two left feet and a mental block during our sessions. . . We had a wonderful Wedding at The Brown Palace on Jan. 23, 2010. I've attached a few pictures for you and wanted you to know we were a hit at the Reception. When I first looked at the dance floor, it was scary small. After talking to the staff, they added one more row of flooring for me. We practiced after our last session with you in my shop until my knees ached. The morning of the Wedding I stepped off my program a dozen times by myself and planned out all my moves mentally. I couldn't bear the thought of stepping on her dress, messing up a spin, or sending her flying, so I focused, made my plan, and etched it in my mind. Freeform was not an option on my mind, just success. Well, we pulled it off without a flaw, everyone said it was magnificent, they stood and cheered and could not believe their eyes, everyone was surprised. Cass looked beautiful, we flowed through the music, she spun crisply and with ease, beaming the entire time, and in the end, I dipped her flawlessly, stunning the applauding room!"
—Newlyweds Craig and Cassie Hau, Commercial Real Estate Senior Advisor and Realtor, Fort Collins, CO
"I love coming to your dance classes! I always have so much fun. And the over all feeling there is wonderful! I will continue to take classes from you for awhile so get use to me :)"
—Emily Clark, Martial Arts Black Belt, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you for this, my first dance class ever! I realized that I had not tried to teach my brain and body to be coordinated in over 35 years. We will be practicing what we learned, and enjoying our new-found skills. It was hard for me when my wife missed classes due to illness. We will be coming to another class, (probably) in April."
—Jim Hatfield, Loveland, CO
"Loved the [Lindy Hop] class. I thought you and Sarah were very knowledgable and clearly explained the dance. You were both always willing to help with our many questions. Had a great time, can't wait for our next class."
—Kelly Volland, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you so much! I've been meaning to email you and tell you how awesome our dance was at our wedding. Every person there had their eyes on us and were yelling "Holy Dancing With the Stars!" It was so great! We cannot believe it has been 2 years either. I think we are going to the Melting Pot on Saturday. Thanks for the email!"
—Newlyweds Aaron and Sarah Roberts, in response to a second-anniversary email
"Private lessons were totally worth it! It helped us so much and has made dancing more fun. It was great to dance Lindy Hop, Jitter Bug and Charleston at our wedding. Thank you!!!!"
—Newlyweds Matt Kuhling and Mary Wolf, Fort Collins, CO
"I really enjoyed retaking the [Lindy 1] class, and learned a lot that I thought I understood the first time (but had wrong!). It was good that the class was slightly different from the first time we took it, because that meant that we also saw some new moves along the way.

I think that for me (not a good dancer at all!) the second time around really makes a big difference. . . but I still need to learn how to track the counts of the music!

It was great, and we're looking forward to new classes!"
—Steve DeLong, Math Teacher, Fort Collins, CO
"Wonderful [Waltz] class. Some classes were a lot to handle, but with a little practice as recommended by Dave everything seemed to come together. Very nice value too. I would gladly pay the price again to learn to dance."
—Jeremy Geisert, Fort Collins, CO
"Lexi and I had a GREAT time! We're looking forward to trying out the steps in public. We'll be back ;-)"
—Dave and Lexi Maciorowski, Fort Collins, CO
"I had a lot of fun [in the Waltz classes] and learned a lot! I plan on taking more classes as soon as I can (sickness is no fun). Thanks a lot for everything!"
—Emilee Hutchins, Fort Collins, CO
"Thanks! You were both very patient and helpful. . . . I think it's important that everyone gets a chance to [Salsa] dance with you and Michelle to get your one-on-one instruction/correction time."
—Shannon Boerger, Loveland, CO
"Excellent [Rueda] class, very good exercise, very good challenge for those of us whose limbs have a hard time following specific instructions. The class was also a lot of fun."
—Rutilio Martinez, Fort Collins, CO
"I really enjoyed the [Country Two-Step] classes, and I feel very good about all the steps we learned and all of the "fine tuning" that Dave does so well. We had a lot of fun all the way around. Thank you Dave and Michelle!"
—Ronnie Stockin, Fort Collins, CO
"LOVE it!!! Thanks!!!"
—Mary Wolf, Director of Fort Collins Cat Rescue, Fort Collins, CO
"I really enjoyed the [Lindy Hop] class, and look forward to taking other classes. I got a bit frustrated with myself, because I have a hard time picking up the beat of the music, but that's something that I need to learn about for myself. It was an outstanding experience, and I am eager to learn other dances!"
—Steve DeLong, Math Teacher, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you for instructing me! I really appreciated how you worked with us until we understood the [Tango] moves. Your patience and positive instructing style was very encouraging. Thanks again!"
—Laura Smith, CCU Student, Fort Collins, CO
"I love to come to your classes."
—Anna Maria Georg, Math Teacher, Fort Collins, CO
From the "Introduction" section of Christine's member page in the DancerGuy Dance Classes Meetup group: "Because I already know the "DancerGuy" and I love it there. . . "
—Christine Meis-Shuey, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you so much for your support of our marriage! We felt wonderful for our dance! It was very special. We had so much fun learning with you and it was a very good stress relief in those last months. Thank you so much!"
—Newlyweds Luke and Katie Brigham, Firefighter and Cosmetologist, Granby, CO
"[The class photo] turned out great!!! I ABSOLUTELY enjoyed class and my private lesson (private lesson more, though)! I will see you tuesday night and wednesday for salsa 1 again. Have a wonderful weekend!"
—Jessica Breemen, Paralegal, Fort Collins, CO
"This class I felt was a great experience of mine. Before, I had never taken a dancing class whatsoever and I am glad to say that Tango 1 was my first. Dave was an awesome instuctor, and the classmates were very friendly. Each time I went I had a great time, and even though learning the steps may have been hard work, fun always was the ending result. In fact, I was so satisfied with the class itself I've decided to take Tango 1 again. I feel confident to show off the hard work again, but I'm not 100% ready to move up just yet. But in time, plan to do. Like I said, the class is just the right pace and everyone's pretty much laid back. And the instructors give great one-on-one time with everyone to keep everyone a part of the dance. Overall the class is a big highlight of 2009 for me and I hope to continue learning new types of dances."
—Vanita Saddler, Cheyenne, WY
"We have attended lots of dance classes, and we've never had anyone explain how to find the downbeat—which many people need. And we've never had anyone explain why people get dizzy and what to do about it. You're the geekiest dance instructor we've ever seen—and that's not a bad thing! :)"
—Jim Anderson and Venitha Manter, Fort Collins, CO
"Also, I have to tell you—we've been to TONS of weddings since ours, and no one's dance moves have quite lived up to the ones you taught us. Seen some cute 'choreographed' routines, but learning to 'just dance' was just the greatest. Thanks again for everything!"
—Newlyweds Joe and Landy Elliott, Durham, NC
(Excerpt from an email sent to DancerGuy on their second anniversary)
"The class was wonderful, as usual! I fell behind with being gone for 1 of the 4 sessions, and it was a bit hard to catch up since it was a level 2 class. If Waltz 2 was offered again, I would want to take it again to refresh. Overall, I loved the class—the size, the style of dance, the good learning environment, the humor—everything!"
—Kathy Johnson, Fort Collins, CO
"I had a lot of fun and will definitely take Level 1 [Salsa] again and Level 2 later when I have time! Thanks for a great time. I enjoyed all the people in the class and had a great time learning. Dave and Sarah, you are awsome people!"
—Maya Knight, Fort Collins, CO
"I had a really great time [in the Lindy classes]. I would recommend DancerGuy.com to anyone interested in dance. I will hopefully be back soon!"
—Brian Newell, CSU Student, Fort Collins, CO
"I am so thankful to find a class like this [Salsa class] that's fun and flexible. I like that there is not a lot of pressure to get everything right the first time and everyone enjoys themselves."
—Kendra Jablonksi, Fort Collins, CO
"[The Father/Daughter dance] went almost too well—people knew we had been practicing. :-) We got a number of compliments, but the real joy for me was being able to have the dance with my daughter; thanks for making it possible."
—Evan Weaver, Father of the bride, Fort Collins, CO
"[Our wedding dance] was AWESOME :) The only move Joe forgot to do was the zig zag. We had lots of cheering and lots of applause at the end. I think my dip was ok. As soon as my sister gets the video loaded on to youtube or something like that I will send it to you. The girls' dance was also a blast!! Joe mentioned just yesterday that he wants to keep dancing so we don't lose what we learned!!"
—Newlyweds Joe and Allison DeWaele, Fort Collins, CO
"This [Lindy Hop] class was awesome!!! I did wish we had more time to learn everything, but the time we had was used efficiently and learned enough. [I] learned about relationships in that class as well :-) I loved it and plan on taking more classes!!!"
—Tiffanie Miller, student, Fort Collins, CO
"I had a wonderful time and learned so much so quick! I will be back as soon as possible. Great instructor, great [Salsa 2] class!"
—Heidi Roche, Recording artist and student, Fort Collins, CO
"Awesome [Lindy Hop] experience. I liked all aspects. Very nice of you to have the Saturday dance as well. I really feel like you care. You don't just teach the steps, you made me learn to hear the music. Thanks so much and I will see you next month!"
—David Thompson, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave made this [Lindy Hop] dance lesson experience top shelf! I found him to be very warm, welcoming, and patient, and an above average instuctor. I felt like I was receiving excellent instruction that was sprinkled with lots of good humor and fun. His assistant instructor, Sarah, was also terrific to work with. I am looking forward very much to another session of Lindy Hop instruction this month. Thank you, Dave and Sarah!"
—Ronni Stockin, Fort Collins, CO
"We did it! Our wedding and reception were awesome! When we did our first dance, the audience applauded and the DJ said that in all his years of doing weddings, that was the best First Dance he'd ever seen ;-) Thank you for making it possible! I've attached a pic of our second dip of the evening—the DJ played our song as the last of the evening ;-) We have a video coming and will be sure to share it with you. We'll be in touch to start the lessons for our next dance ;-)"
—Newlyweds Dave and Lexi Maciorowski, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you so much for giving the [West Coast Swing] class! It was instructive, interesting, and wonderfully delightful. I especially liked how you provided the history of the dance and how it changed and developed over the years. I had a blast!!! Thank you!"
—Rachel Clayton, Fort Collins, CO
Thanks so much for the excellent instruction we received for our wedding dance. We were able to pull it off and all the guests loved it. Thanks for all your patience and different approaches to help us "get it." Looking forward to more lessons. With sincere thanks,
—Newlyweds Gary and Athena Mills, Loveland, CO
"Thanks Dave! You and Martha were such great teachers. . . I just wish Todd and I could dance [Foxtrot] together as well as we could with our knowledgable partners! Hopefully we will practice more and make it to one of your parties!"
—Priscilla Hovestol, Longmont, CO
From a review posted on Yelp.com:

"Dave is truly As Good As It Gets! Dave teaches dance with a joy that brings joy to you, too. I learned to dance 50 years ago in Mrs. Cunningham's Saturday morning Dance Classes at the YMCA and haven't danced since. But Dave had me gliding across the floor, through sweeping turns and graceful maneuvers. His explanations and demonstrations are clear and he suits them to your individual needs. But what was most impressive is that he made an old lady feel like she was 20 and pretty again. Any competent instructor can teach a person to dance, but seeing the girl behind the wrinkles, and helping her to dance that way—it's a real gift."
—Xana "Charley" Hansen, Greeley, CO
"We LOVED the [Lindy Hop] class. . . see ya again wednesday :)"
—Heather Asmussen, Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave, the wedding was beautiful. My dance with Keri went quite good. I did feel nervous before but once the dance started everything worked out. [Husband] Dave and I had more fun then we have had in the last 20 years dancing. He got so brave he danced with a few other people. Thanks for all your patience and great teaching."
—Annette King, Mother of the Groom, Fort Collins, CO
Somer: "It went PERFECTLY!!! We definitely got lots of comments about how we 'had to have taken dance lessons to look that good!' Also, [stepdad] Charlie and I pulled off the super spin, so that was very exciting!! He was so excited to know a move Keri didn't know. We will be in touch with you in a few months (after we save $$$ and go to N.Z. for the honeymoon). . . we wanna learn swing or some fast dance. Thanks a million, Dave!"
Keri: "Thanks to me, the dance went flawless. Just kidding, I just waltzed around and Somer looked beautiful. What Somer didn't tell you was that Charlie messed up the first super spin, and then when he nailed it he got quite the crowd response. Our best dance was the 12:05am special though. We were loose, the crowd had softened up and we nailed it with a dip to end the night. . . Perfect."
—Newlyweds Keri and Somer King, Sporting Goods Entrepreneur and Physical Therapist, Fort Collins, CO
"This is precisely the kind of instruction I need: clear explanations of how the steps should work, and excellent critique as I execute the steps concerning what I'm doing wrong, so I can do it the right way."
—Veronica Arnold, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you for all you did to make Tim and Amanda's first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Dalton special. They were nervous and left a couple of things out, nonetheless, it was beautiful. As for the dance Tim and I worked on, everything was going quite well and Tim whispers 'I can't remember how to start the single twinkle.' I say, 'Our hips line up and we step with our inside foot.' He says, 'Right,' (pause, 1,2,3) 'OK.' I thinking he means now turn 90 degrees and he says, 'not now.' So, I get back in step and we continue. Good thing we practiced me misinterpreting the signal. I enjoy dancing the waltz and will treasure the memory of waltzing with my son at his wedding. Thank you (a million times over)."
—Pam Dalton, Mother of the Groom, Edina, Missouri
"The dance went great—people were cheering and clapping along to the music—on their feet by the end! Couldn't believe it! Lots of compliments. You were an incredible help!"
—Newlyweds Doug and Laura Stirrett, Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave! Wedding went very well. Everyone loved the dances. . . we did two. We have a video of them. . . . We are going to try to send you a copy as soon as we can. Tons of people told us they thought it was awesome. We are still dancing and we hope to learn a new style when we come back from Georgia! Hope things are well with you."
—Newlyweds Kellin and Adrienne Bershinsky, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you—Thank you—You are a fabulous teacher and a man with much patience. :) Our family had a great time and hopefully we will look like "Professionals" at the wedding, :-O HA HA! The Couple with 2 left feet (or 4 left feet)."
—Duke and Ginger Marquiss, Fort Collins, CO
"Hello Dave, Just a note to let you know how much we have enjoyed our [Nightclub Two-Step] dance lessons and to let you know we aren't through taking them. Our schedule is going to be pretty busy from now until Sept-Oct, but the minute we find an opening we will be back. Thanks for your patience, we had a lot of fun."
—Rita Corlett, Partner/Broker Associate/GRI, Loveland, CO
"Truly, Michael and I had such a great time at every [Balboa] class, you made it really hard to move away from Ft. Collins! If you ever offer any classes closer to Denver, PLEASE let me know. I would love to take another class from you! Thanks so much!"
—Michael and Wendy Moore, Denver, CO
"The wedding was wonderful! And our dance was well received. We received many compliments during the evening. More importantly, the event went very well and everyone had a great time! Now we have the dance bug and are looking forward to the next dance chapter! We're not sure what that will be yet, but we sure enjoyed the experience so far! Cheers!"
—Marty Leeke,Father of the Bride, Loveland, CO
"I look forward to Thursday night as it is my night to learn and have fun! Looking over your list of dance classes it is hard to choose as I want to learn them all! However I have to admit Tango has captured me!! It is so artistic and beautiful. As always thank you for your patience with me as I try to learn the steps. Your dance classes are the best. . . what more can I say."
—Robin Seymour, Loveland, CO
(During the month in which she was taking Salsa, Kaylee wrote the following)
"Hey Dave, this is Kaylee Madigan. I am currently in your salsa 1 class with my boyfriend Nate Hobbs and I would really love to be notified if you schedule any dance events at your home or anywhere else. I really love the class and I plan on taking more from you. You are a wonderful teacher and I have learned a ton from you. See you tomorrow night!"

(Later, after the class was over, she wrote the following)
"The class was fantastic! I had a ton of fun and learned alot! . . . the class was one of the best I have ever attended. I LOVE the tradition of dressing up on the last lesson. It definitely is very fun and gets you in the mood of the dance. Great job and thank you!"
—Kaylee Madigan, Cheyenne, Wyoming
"It was so much fun! I laughed and grinned through the whole dance which hopefully diverted eyes from the terrible mess I made with my feet! Ha! Dary was a trooper and hung on to me and helped me recover from time to time. I think I was so overwhelmed by the whole day, hadn't eaten, and felt a little bit "out of body" by the time the dance came. Everyone loved it and we were greeted by cheers and applause! We are still enjoying the dance here at home and are still practicing those more complicated moves so to perfect it! Thanks for everything. It was a great experience in every way!"
—Bonnie Northrop, Mother of the Bride, Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave, I have wanted to call you and give the report ever since the wedding. We had SO MUCH FUN!! The dances went amazingly well, in fact so well that our friends who know that we started out as total "non-dancers" were all asking us who our dance instructor was—ha! Brent and Erica's first dance was one of the most beautiful and carefree dances I think I have ever seen at a wedding. Our dance with all three of us went so well, too. The friends and relatives that were there surprised us by breaking into cheers and hoots and hollers as the guys went to their knees and then spun us around on "I want to marry you and take you home." Then the most amazing thing. . . when it came time to dip all of us couples were in perfect sync. It was just a God-thing! And the other great thing. . . Steve didn't grunt—ha! There was so much joy and so much delight in the air. So many comments about how much fun it was to do that dance together. On the Saturday before we had about 35 of our family over to our house for a pre-wedding barbeque. Steve and I both grew up in a rigid church environment where dancing was taboo and so there was no such thing at our wedding 30 years ago. But all that has changed (thank goodness) and so I told my father ". . . Before Saturday is over, we are going to dance together!" We spent about 2 hours in the afternoon teaching mom and dad the "moves" and by the end of the day we were dancing to a slow song. So, at the wedding I had a first dance with my father as well. It was so cool!!! Then my parents danced with each other for the first time in their lives. They've been married about 54 years. Then, shock of all. . . Steve got his 86 year old mother (complete with neck brace) out on the dance floor and she danced for the first time in her life. It was a day that felt like a piece of heaven. Thank you SO MUCH for teaching us on the fast track and for teaching us so well. Learning was almost as much fun as actually doing it at the wedding! Hope we can show you the video some time. You would be proud. :) It was a pleasure working with you, too! Thanks again, We appreciate you much!"
—Rose Pauly, Mother of the Groom, Berthoud, CO
"The [Waltz] class. . . actually all the classes. . . have been great. You have been very patient with me as I stumble around! Thank you for making the dance lessons work without a partner. It makes me feel good about myself to learn something new and helps me restore balance back in my life. Dance is such a wonderful outlet! I forget how crazy the world is when I dance! Thank you! . . . PS I am so excited about learning to Tango!!"
—Robin Seymour, Loveland, CO
"Dave, I'm so sorry we can't be at the final dance tonight—I have a board meeting. . . Zut! We were really looking forward to it. It's been a wonderful, inspiring class! You'll see us again for another round of classes—not this next month, but soon! Many thanks for the fun and great instruction."
—Adrienne Schatz, Fort Collins, CO
"The class was so much fun. I really enjoyed learning the moves and had an amazing time. The only thing I can say is that I wish there were a couple more moves taught in the last 2 lessons. The last lesson we did learn a bunch of new moves but I think the class had progressed enough to learn some more moves in the second to last class. This is definitely not a negative thing, more of a suggestion that might've only applied to our class. Come to think of it, we might not have even had enough time! Anyway, I had a great time. Thanks for everything Dave! You will be highly recommended to my friends!"
—Alex McCracken, Fort Collins, CO
"It was a fabulous [Tango] class. Thanks so much Dave and Martha. :)"
—Alison Ordelheide, CSU Vet Med Student, Fort Collins, CO
"The kids couldn't stop saying what fun they had. My daughter hugged me to say thanks, it will be a birthday I will always remember. thanks so much—even though we were late—"
—Cara Rudolph, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave, we had so much fun! My husband and I now practice in our kitchen while our dinner is in the oven. This has been great for us personally and we hope to take more lessons this summer!"
—Shannon Hein, PR Coordinator of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, Fort Collins, CO
"I just wanted to let you the dancing at the wedding was a great success. Elizabeth and Don received a standing ovation when they were done. They looked great. Don's dad just kept saying over and over "I can't believe he's doing that!" Anyway, just wanted to let you know we had a great time on the dance floor."
—Kyle Redente, Mother of the Bride, Fort Collins, CO
"Thanks again for such a fun experience taking your dance class. It's so fun when I feel like I'm getting better. You are truly an incredibly excellent teacher, and I'd tell anyone that!"
—Heidi Richmond, Loveland, CO
"Dave—you're fantastic! I've enjoyed the first few weeks of learning to salsa, and I look forward to continuing our lessons! Thank you!"
—Lisa Poppaw, Fort Collins City Councilwoman, District 2
"I picked DancerGuy because the website was the easiest to use with the most thorough information. I also spoke to several people who had taken lessons from Dave and really liked him. I loved taking the class and looked forward to it every week. I am planning to continue to take classes!"
—Jennifer Little, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you for the support you offered to Canyon Concert Ballet as one of the professional dancers. Your graciousness in finding time to work with me on short notice—and your patience with me as a student were "above and beyond". I had more fun that I can express—even though I was probably as nervous as I've ever been. You were a wonderful dance teacher and partner. Thank you for keeping me moving and covering up my mistakes. Our audience was very appreciative. I really had fun—but I wanted "do overs" when we'd finished dancing. It was a great experience—and a personal growth opportunity for me. Thank you."
—Paula Edwards, Local "celebrity" dancer for CCB's 2008 fundraiser, Fort Collins, CO
"Our wedding was fabulous and our 1st dance went great! We received applause several times during the dance and a standing ovation at the end! Numerous people came up to us and said how great it was. We appreciate your lessons and had a lot of fun in the process, something I would have never thought possible before starting them."
—Newlyweds David and Melissa MacDonald, Fort Collins, CO
"I really enjoy the lessons. I wasn't sure I would be able to catch on, but Dave and his helpers make the class doable. Very fun, thanks."
—Josey Bierma, Fort Collins, CO
"This was a great [Salsa] class. I had loads of fun and both Dave and Dez were awesome. It was great dancing with Dez because it gave insight for the man on how he could improve his leading skills. Dez was very direct and helpful. She told you right away what you were doing and gave you the skills to improve at that moment. I enjoyed every minute! Wish the class was longer."
—Chris Viegut, Fort Collins, CO
"Hi Dave, Abigail and Chadd here. Just wanted to thank you for still emailing us. We loved the class so much. Our schedules will change soon, and you can bet that we will be back for more. Have a great nite."
—Email from Chadd Slezak and Abigail Wood, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave and Martha, We really enjoy coming to your class, it's fun and we feel that we've learned a lot more then when we've taken from previous instructors. . . it's something to look forward to each week, just wish John and I had more time during the week to get out there and practice!!!! thanks for your patience!!!!"
—John and Debbie Chilen, Loveland, CO
"They gave us a standing ovation! . . . Thanks so much for everything! Our dance was amazing and I can't wait to show you a video when it is finished! Aaron and I can't wait to start up again when we get home."
—Newlyweds Aaron and Sara Salzman, Fort Collins, CO
"I always learn easily from the classes and they are always fun! It is really nice to take a class where the students are not made to feel inferior or uncomfortable if they do not learn as fast or as well as others. Everyone has fun and learns no matter what. Thank you!"
—Pam Anderson, Fort Collins, CO
"I want to personally thank you for a wonderful evening. Everyone who attended the Har Shalom salsa lesson and dance last night had a wonderful time, including me and Herb. We practiced several times today! . . . Thanks again and we'll be seeing you soon as we plan to sign up for more lessons."
—Jessica Saperstone, Fort Collins, CO
"As always, Dave, you provide a wonderful learning experience for a student. Your helpful hints, your patience, your belief in their ability to learn, and your expertise at dancing, combined, make a class with you very worthwhile. Looking forward to lots more learning!"
—Martha Hund, Elementary School Teacher, Greeley, CO
"[In the Cha-Cha class] I had a blast! Thanks, Dave and Sarah—I haven't laughed so much in a long time. :)"
—Julie Maertens, Fort Collins, CO
"The wedding dance went very well! It was a little difficult though, the floor was really slippery. We had a ton of fun with it though. . . The best part is that Jason did not drop me when he dipped me :)  Thanks for all of your help! Hopefully we will see you again soon for some more lessons. . ."
—Newlyweds Jason and Rachel Howard, Loveland, CO
"Our wedding dance was just about perfect, we received a standing ovation from our family and friends thanks to you. We feel so blessed to have had you as our dance instructor. Let us know when you have a special dance event coming up so we can come watch you. Keep in touch."
—Newlyweds Rod and Sherry Schumacher
Home Builder and Real Estate Agent, Fort Collins, CO
". . .we thoroughly enjoy you, your instructors, your classes, and your teaching style. Please feel free to use me as a reference if you ever need one."
—Cheri Christensen, Office Manager, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
"Awesome [Rueda 2] class, Dave and Desiree. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions—even though in one session my brain just wasn't recalling moves learned the previous week(s). Hope that was a one-time thing! My only regret is that I did not pull in more people to attend the class. . . Nonetheless, que jolgorio!"
—Mark Archuleta, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave is very knowledgeable and helpful in teaching dance. I learned far more from him than other instructors that I have taken. I especially like it that he offers a safe environment to practice the dances in his home studio periodically."
—Martha Hund, Elementary School Teacher, Greeley, CO
"Thanks so much for for your great dance instruction. I had SO MUCH fun today!"
—Halldis Kelly, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor, Fort Collins, CO
(after private Salsa lesson)
"Just wanted to say our [Waltz] lesson was such fun yesterday! I'm very excited to begin Salsa. Thank you for such great and PATIENT instruction."
—Dottie Oman, Fort Collins, CO
"Over the past 10 years, I have taken dance classes from studio professional, semi-professional, and club instructors. Among all those teachers, you are among the top. You teach the skills needed to progress quickly and skillfully. And your classes are fun! I would recommend your classes to any level dancer. Thanks!"
—Peg Schwartzkopf, Ph.D., Fort Collins, CO
"I think that [by taking extra time to work on the steps] you had allowed for someone to get the moves and that is why we didn't get all of the steps [that are usually learned in a month]. Just seeing the confidence that this person had by the end of 4 weeks was so worth it."
"Lori and I loved the Waltz class! It was an awesome date night for us, and we learned a ton! Dave rocked the house!"
—Joe Sims, Fort Collins, CO
"You are an absolutely wonderful teacher and I love taking classes from you!"
—Kaitie Wick, Student, Fort Collins CO
"Thanks, Dave. When I signed up for dance lessons, I got much more than that. I got a "real," genuine and warm person and friend who has helped my level of confidence go up notch by notch! Thanks muchos! You are a Godsend!"
—Tina Speed, Food-Service Accountant, Fort Collins, CO
"You know that we liked [the Foxtrot class] a lot. That's why we decided to take another dance class. Especially I, Tatjana, would like to thank you for this great experience. You made it happen that my husband now loves to dance and can't wait to get to next dance class and wants to learn more. Thank you!"
—Tatjana Schumacher, Fort Collins, CO
"Thanks for the classes. Alana and I have had an amazing time so far, and appreciate your teaching. Heather and her husband-to-be have nothing but good to say so far as well, so a big thumbs up for all you do."
—Zac McFarlane, Volunteer Coordinator, Partners Mentoring Youth, Fort Collins, CO
"Not only did you do a great job teaching but you also managed to instill a healthy Salsa addiction in Becca. We will keep coming back until I remember to tap, or you run out of moves. Probably the latter."
—Andrew Neary, Children's Hospice Counselor, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave, Thanks for the lessons. I have taken beginning classes from two other instructors. Each seem has their own style of dancing and method of instruction. You did the best of all. You were very thorough in both your showing and description of the moves. . . . Kudos to your dance instructor partner. She was great also. I wish I could afford the private lessons. They will be in my future as I am not going to give up on dancing. It is fun, I love it, I want to look good and be good. Thanks again."
—Ralph Kiel, Property Manager, Loveland, CO
"I am so glad I decided to take classes with you both. I had a blast and you made everything so comfortable. I got to meet a bunch of really great people, too. I feel I learned a lot and have a good hold of the basics. Just need to get that more technical stuff down."
—Alyssa Knutson, Paralegal, Fort Collins, CO
"You are good at mixing things and allowing the student to learn. Loved it when the Lindy Hop and the Balboa were intertwined. I needed lessons on how to follow and you are an excellent leader and therefore make the dance very enjoyable, as well as learning."
—Denise Van Why, Fort Collins, CO
    You send me this message and I'm just sitting here going 'ARRRRRGH!!! I can't go to this event of bliss!!!' *sigh* Oh well, you have to have twice as much fun for me ok? And I won't just be sitting in my room feeling sorry for myself, because we have a swing dance here every Saturday night from 9-12. So I'll live, but our dances just do not measure up to the amazing awesomeness of the DancerGuy dances. C'est La Vie."
—Elizabeth Wright, Out-of-State College Student
(Upon receiving notice of an upcoming DancerGuy dance)
". . .by the way, the [Salsa] class was GREAT (!) . . . I had worried if I might be the only non-partnered, non-dancer there, but amazingly, that wasn't an issue AND I learned the steps (yahoo!)! I did, however, almost forget the class last night and only remembered it at the last minute. . . I'm so glad I did! thanks again and see you next week."
—Halldis Kelly, Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor, Fort Collins, CO
"Loved the [Cha-Cha] class. Always smile all the way home. . . Thanks for a great [Salsa 2] class. Had tons of fun."
—Judy Stauter, Greeley, CO
"Thank you again for including the dancers in your Christmas show! We thoroughly enjoyed it, and heard quite a few positive comments—I think it went over pretty well. . . ."    
—Dave Arns
"You are very welcome! Yes, both Kevin and I heard lots of positive comments, as well. The dancing was a huge hit and made the whole program 'come alive!' I hope we have a chance to work together again some time."
—Nancy Evans, Drama Director, First Baptist Church, Fort Collins, CO
"It was truly our joy and pleasure to have you, your wife, and your dancers as part of our program! We have had nothing but positive feedback from it! People at church yesterday morning were all still 'buzzing' about how much they enjoyed it!"
—Kevin Bright, Arts Pastor, First Baptist Church, Fort Collins, CO
"I really enjoyed taking the Salsa I class. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun. I really appreciated rotating around with different partners so we could get experience dancing with different people. Dave, I really enjoyed taking this class with you. You are a great dancer, a great teacher and a great person. I am recommending you to other people too! Thanks so much."
—Erin Scheidecker, Fort Collins, CO
"Great [Foxtrot] class! We will be continuing our dance education with Dave until we are finalists on 'So You Think You Can Dance!' Thank you!"
—Ryan Gaudie and Amy Leverenz, Fort Collins, CO
"I thoroughly enjoyed this [Lindy Hop] class and my teachers. What a joy and a blessing to have Dave and Sarah! Thanks guys :)"
—Andrea Bailey, Fort Collins, CO
"Words cannot express the joy we felt that you shared the beginning of our new life together. We are so glad we met you and you helped us 'wow' our guests with our first dance." [At their reception, not only did the guests clap and cheer, they gave Lance and Angela a standing ovation when they finished their first dance together. —Dave]
—Newlyweds Lance and Angela Bryant, Fort Collins, CO
"The entire day was perfect! Our first dance went really well, as well as our dances with our parents. We are so glad we had a chance to spend some time in your studio and work on our moves! I would love to take more classes with you. During the school semester things get crazy and hectic which makes it difficult to do anything fun. As soon as I can, I will be signing up for more."
—Newlyweds Mike and Bethany Ingham, Fort Collins, CO
"I had so much fun the last month. Every Sunday all I looked forward to was coming to your house and dancing. Although I'm not very good, it was extremely fun!!! Thanks so much!!!!"
—Erin Callaghan, Fort Collins
"We ended up having a fantastic dance and wedding. We ended up getting some snow so it moved our outside wedding indoors but it was still a blast. We had a great 1st dance and got lots of comments. Thanks for all your help!"
—Newlyweds David and Marcy Palm,
Fort Collins, CO
"About our dance, it went awesome! Believe it or not, with all the anticipation I forgot a lot of our moves but Tom held it together. Everyone commented on how awesome we looked. . . Thanks again for all of your help and flexibility. We hope to see you again to learn some new dances."
—Newlyweds Tom and Melissa Gonzales,
Fort Collins, CO
Spencer: "The first dance was a success, except that the band played on and on and I wondered when to dip. The dance seemed to 'Wow' our friends and relatives, who had no idea of our dancefloor capability."
Juliet: "Spencer is being his usual understated overly modest self. The truth is the guests were amazed and impressed and delighted by our dancing, and we had a ball showing off. Everyone made comments, and in particular it was funny to hear Spencer's mother's reaction: 'When did he learn to do that??? What has Juliet done to him?''"
—Newlyweds Spencer and Juliet Whibley, Petroleum Engineer and Virologist,
Fort Collins, CO
"I am so glad that I signed up for these classes. The classes are fun while being challenging. I wish they were more than once a week per type of dance so I could practice them more within that environment. I was nervous to come at first, however, the instructors made me feel welcome and comfortable and it's been really fun ever since. Thank you!"
—Pam Anderson, Fort Collins, CO
"Well, I was put to the test this weekend. I danced a very fast waltz and was able to keep up—my feet only got confused when my partner was making me do some very interesting (but fun) turns. You're great!!! Thanks for all the help—I'll definitely be in touch when I can schedule more lessons."
—Cindy Lapp, Fort Collins, CO
"I loved every class I took. It was so much fun and Dave made it one of the best experiences I have ever had. I will be taking another class next month. YOU ROCK  :)"
—Christian Higgins, Fort Collins, CO
". . .our dance went great! We totally nailed it!! We got so many compliments from so many people (including someone who thought we looked like the "dancing with the stars" TV show). We appreciate all your hard work and admire the way you are able to convey your expertise to such novices. By the way—we also looked at one another and smiled the whole time and did not look down."
—Newlyweds Mike and Jen Guerriero, Fort Collins, CO
"THANK YOU!! We so enjoyed the evening and having you with us. Hopefully you'll get some business off the event and hopefully we can do another event in the future. So many of the Rotarians came up to me after and said they had a wonderful time. You are to be commended for being such a great teacher!!! Thanks."
—Candace Mayo, Executive Director of Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity, Inc.
after DancerGuy taught dance at a Rotary function Candace organized
"Class was wonderful. I am grateful that I took the class. It increased my knowledge and understanding of Salsa dancing and I look forward to taking Salsa 2 the next time that it is offered! Class was very fun and energetic. . . I loved going to class and I practiced outside of class without much difficulty because the steps were so well taught. Class size was perfect. . . however more guys would have been nice :) Great class Dave!"
—Autumn Sutton, Fort Collins
"And just for the record. . . you're a good instructor. You know how to make class fun!"
—Linda Griego, Test Specialist for Cell-Sorting Equipment, Fort Collins
"You're an excellent teacher. I learned more in the last two weeks than I did in months of Cotillion."
—John Loveman, Air Force Cadet
"To those of you who have always wanted to dance but can't. . . Me too! I don't always hear a beginning chord—Dave patiently counts and I can hear it. I forget which foot goes where—Dave shows me for the umpteenth time—and I do it. We do a short sequence of steps—Dave says 'excellent'. YES! I danced. . . Thanks to Dave. This is FUN! We start again. . . I have a long way to go."
—Mary Palmer, Owner of By Design Wedding Florals, Fort Collins
"Dave, your sincere enthusiasm for dance, teaching style, and knowledge base make your dance classes a wonderful learning experience! I also enjoy the periodic dances you offer for students to practice and network with other dancers and the fact that you always give students 'heads ups' regarding opportunities in the Fort Collins area to dance and have fun! It's always worth the drive!!!"
—Joni Sherry, Information Technology Specialist, Cheyenne, WY
"I have thoroughly enjoyed taking lessons from the Dancer Guy. I hope to impress my girlfriend with new moves when she gets back to town. Dancer Guy gets an A+. I really appreciate his personal and encouraging teaching style."
—Andrew McKamey, CSU Student, Fort Collins, CO
"I took a Salsa dance class with Dave Arns and it was the most fun thing I have ever done! If you truly love music and like to dance, Dave is one of the best instructors you will find in the Fort Collins area. He is patient and knows where you are in your dance steps and can help you to be successful in an awfully fun way.
    I know now that I want to learn how to dance in all of his great variety of classes. It is now definitely a lifetime commitment for me to dance! I am glad he allowed me to see that through his classes."
—Carine Pearson, Admin Assistant, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave Arns' Lindy classes were soooo exciting. I learned a ton and had a blast at the same time! I loved being in his classes and I'm looking forward to the next classes!"
—Kara Daniel, Student, Fort Collins, CO
"We took dance classes from Dave for our wedding. We wanted to do something fun and exciting for our first dance. We knew the music we wanted to use, but had no idea what to do for the actual dance. Dave recommended a style of dance and then taught us the necessary steps for it to be rehearsed but not choreographed. Our first dance as a married couple was perfect! Thank you Dave!"
—Brian and Emily Kirby, Newlyweds, Fort Collins, CO
"Thank you for your instruction in salsa dancing! We have practiced the steps and plan to take a cruise, confident that when the Latin music is played, we can remain on the dance floor, follow the beat, and have fun. Your class was the ultimate in kindness, courtesy, and comfort, and we will recommend you highly to all of our friends!"
—Marlene and Dick Schilling, Retired, Loveland, CO
"Dave Arns is a master dance teacher. Whether you have never danced before or just want to have a refresher course, Dave patiently but effectively goes through the basic steps. And, best of all, makes it fun."
—Quentin Price, GFS Process Engineer, Loveland, CO
"Dave, we would like to tell you how much we enjoyed our opportunity to learn to dance from you and your assistants. We certainly didn't know what to expect, but we were willing to learn. You were a gracious instructor, with apparent infinite patience, and a sense of humor that really allowed us to enjoy our experience!! We laughed as we learned, and truly had fun during our lesson times. Your assistants were not only knowledgeable, but seemed to possess that sense of humor as well. Our whole family enjoyed the experience, not just mom and dad. All four of our boys, even those at college, made at least a couple of lessons while they were home on school vacations. And our junior in high school, while kind of a slow starter, was the star by the end of our lessons! Even our 10-year-old daughter became a dancer!
    We had a super family experience, included a new daughter-in-law, and another family at one time or another. And did I mention, we all learned to dance! Thanks for the opportunity."
—Rick and Barb Scanlan, Homeschool Parents, Fort Collins, CO
"The dance classes I took, Salsa, were so much fun. I learned so much in the class and have so much fun practicing my Salsa. Taking that dance class really allowed me to appreciate dancing and the culture of Latino dancing. Dave is a great teacher and really helped me get the hang of all the dance moves."
—Caylee Johnson, Student, Fort Collins, CO
"I heard about Dave's classes through a friend and was really excited to try them out. Although I have been dancing for several years, Dave's class really taught me the correct techniques for steps I had previously overlooked or wanted to learn. I also greatly appreciated his careful personal instruction when he realized that a specific student was struggling with a particular move. His suggestions for improvements were always right on target. He is a masterful dancer and teacher. I highly recommend his instruction!!"
—Paul Quelet, CSU M.S. Student, Fort Collins, CO
"My daughter and I started a Lindy class with Dave three years ago, and have had so much fun that we've been hooked! Dave is a very patient and observant teacher, and his love and enthusiasm for dance enhances his excellent teaching skills."
—Kara Gan, Real Estate Agent, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave does a fantastic job on explaining the many details in Salsa. Always a relaxing atmosphere, the class is an exciting way to learn or improve your steps for the dance floor!"
—Adrienne Drolet, Rock-Climbing Instructor, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave's classes were better than any I could have ever imagined. The atmosphere, people, and especially teaching are absolutely phenomenal. Plus, the subsequent dances are loads of fun. I can now get out onto any dance floor, whether it be at Club Tico or in the middle of Old Town, and show off with my best friend/dance partner."
—Westleigh Roberts, Homeschool Student, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave Arns is an excellent dance instructor. I have taken salsa, swing, and waltz lessons from him and I am impressed with his thoroughness, his gentle humor, and with the way he makes learning the dances so enjoyable and effortless. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to learn, or to improve, their dance skills."
—Dr. Ann Tharp, Psychologist, Fort Collins, CO
"[Dave] takes things that look fancy and hard and makes them easy. He doesn't make us feel stupid when we mess up. Dancing comes alive. He shows step by step how to move with the rhythm. It is a marriage of the proper form and flow of dancing that we love. :)"
—Andy and Joy Kinard, School Teacher and Wife, Fort Collins, CO
"Dave had a wonderful way of taking two novice dancers to the point of instilling a desire to pursue the art of dance, the joy of movement with music, in a very short time. His wonderful comparisons of dance to the even finer art of building a close and intimate marriage imparted wisdom to us as we prepared for our wedding day waltz."
—Newlyweds Ron and Racquel Lindroth, Firefighter and Veterinarian, Fort Collins, CO
"I have taken several dance classes from Dave Arns. . . and all have been great! His way of conveying the steps, movements, and knowledge of the dance is very clear and easy to repeat. . . with some practice. The men that I have danced with have been able to follow his direction, and become great leaders in the dance! I look forward to the next class! Thanks Dave. . . appreciate your talent!!!!!"
—Nancy Dixon, Real Estate Agent, Fort Collins, CO