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DancerGuy has offered both private lessons and large-group public classes for many years. Often, private-lesson students requested their lessons during timeslots when public classes were scheduled, so I was unable to accomodate them during their requested timeslots. Sometimes they were able to use a different timeslot, and sometimes they weren't.

At the peak of my public-class teaching schedule, I was teaching nine classes every week, assisted by four different ladies who co-instructed with me. When any one of them would move away, get married, or otherwise becaome unavailable, I would always replace her with another co-instructor. But I still had private-lesson people requesting timeslots that were not available because of the public classes. Then in 2016, one of my co-instructors moved out of state to be closer to family, and I decided to do an experiment: instead of replacing her and maintaining the public-class schedule, I opened up that evening for private lessons, and was pleased to see that soon the evening was indeed used by private students.

Soon after that, another co-instructor moved out of state to pursue further schooling, so I opened up another night for private lessons, and very quickly I had private students coming on that evening as well. My experiment looked like it was working.

I said all that to say this: As of August 2018, I decided to convert the remaining two public-class evenings to private lessons, discontinuing public classes altogether—the August classes are the last ones to be offered. I am grateful for all the people I met and friends I've made in the public classes over the last twenty years, and for the ladies who have co-instructed with me week after week, year after year. You've been a great blessing to me. Also, since the scheduling and management of private lessons is inherently easier than that of rigidly structured public-class timeframes, it is now much more convenient to travel, as I have been finding myself doing more of in the last couple years.

If you might be interested in private lessons, please read about them on the Private Lessons page, and if you might be interested in custom classes (basically "private" lessons for groups of six or more), please read about them on the Custom Classes page. I hope to see you soon!

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No classes currently scheduled.
Check back soon for upcoming classes, and don't forget
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getting close!
*If paying electronically, a $2 processing fee will be added.
(Class schedules are subject to change without notice)

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