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Signing Up for Classes or Private Lessons

So how does one sign up for a Dancer Guy public class, custom class, or private lesson? Follow the easy steps below. Contact Dave via his cell (970) 581-1614, or his email at

  1. Decide which style(s) of dance you want to learn. Several different styles in the categories of Swing, Latin, Ballroom, and Country are available. If you have any questions that the website doesn't answer, contact Dave and he'll be happy to give you more detail.

  2. Decide whether public classes, custom classes or private lessons better meet your needs, your desires, and your schedule.

  3. Contact DancerGuy to let him know which classes you want to take, or when you'd like to start your private lessons. If you send email, make sure to put the word "Dance" in the subject line so it gets through my spam filter safely. Dave is quite prompt about replying to email, so if he doesn't respond within one or two business days, your email still may have gotten hung up somewhere, so please call or text him at (970) 581-1614 and make sure he knows about your request.

  4. If you want Private Lessons or a Custom Class, confirm with Dave the timeslots you prefer are available.
  5. Unless you've already done so, print and fill out the Participation Agreement and Acknowledgement of Risk for each new student. Send it to DancerGuy if you're already mailing a check, or just bring it with you the first time you come to the studio.

  6. Decide how you'd like to pay. You can bring check (made out to "DancerGuy"), cash, or credit card to DancerGuy's studio when you get together for the first class session or your first private lesson (bring along the Participation Agreement as well), or you can pay via credit/debit card over the internet by using the Shopping Cart. Note that credit-card purchases add a 3% processing fee, if that matters.

  7. Then just show up at DancerGuy's Studio for the first session of your class or private lesson.

That's all there is to it! See you soon!

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