Private Lessons

Private lessons are dance lessons that have a small number of students; most often just one or two. What are some reasons that you'd be better off taking private lessons instead of the large-group classes? Here are some of the reasons:

“Baker’s Dozen” Special

If, in a single purchase, you pay for twelve hours of private lessons (of whatever style; you can mix and match if you wish), you'll get an extra hour of lessons for free! Not only that, but you're entitled to two months of unlimited access to the DancerGuy video library! Be sure to request a video account!
If any of the above statements describe you, then private lessons are definitely the way to go. Private Lessons are characterized by these things:

Because of all these reasons, private lessons are much more efficient use of the student's time and money—you get more bang for your buck. In other words, public classes are cheaper per hour, but private lessons are cheaper per skill level attained. And, because of the small number of people involved, private lessons are inherently easier to manage, and therefore:

The cost for private lessons or custom classes is higher than regularly scheduled classes but, as noted above, you also learn more quickly because of the much more individualized attention and convenient scheduling. So while private lessons cost more per hour, they will cost less (and take much less time) than the number of public classes you'd need to attain the same skill level.

Note: Every person who attends a private lesson must pay the enrollment fee. For example, suppose you want to take private lessons, and you bring along another person as a dance partner. That other person must also be considered a student (and therefore pay) because he/she cannot help but receive the same training you receive.

Below are the prices for private lessons. Note that there is an option for having one of DancerGuy's co-instructors present as well. For groups larger than just a one couple, having the additional instructor has several advantages: it allows for more accurate demonstrations of what the moves are supposed to look like (because she already knows the moves), it permits twice as much one-on-one individual training time with an instructor (because there are twice as many instructors), and it allows the gentlemen more thorough and precise critiquing of their leading skills (because she will dance with each gentleman from time to time, and troubleshoot as necessary).

When a gentleman without a partner desires to take lessons, Dancer Guy will bring in one of his co-instructors to be the student's dance partner. Note that since two instructors are required in this situation, the hourly rate for one student and two instructors applies, as shown in the table below.

One Instructor Two Instructors
1 student $50*/hour/student $60*/hour/student
2 students $30*/hour/student $45*/hour/student
3 students $27*/hour/student $40*/hour/student
4 students $25*/hour/student $35*/hour/student
5 students $20*/hour/student $30*/hour/student
*If paying electronically, a $2 processing fee will be added.

The prices above apply to private lessons at Dancer Guy's studio, but private lessons can also be done at your location, should you require it. For private lessons at your location, there will be an additional charge, based on the driving time required, whether or not Dave needs to bring along a sound system, and so forth. If you would like private lessons at your location, call or text Dave at 970-581-1614 and discuss your requirements and he will give you a quote for lesson prices in your specific situation.

If you are interested in private lessons, either at Dancer Guy's studio or at your location, call or text Dave ( or 970-581-1614) to schedule the lesson times.

If you have more than five people wanting to take private lessons at the same time, it's getting into the realm of custom classes, and prices are lower. See the Custom Classes page for details.

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