What to Wear

For DancerGuy's classes, wear a light, cool shirt since we'll be getting some exercise. As for shoes, wear dancing shoes, if you have them. If you don't have dancing shoes, bowling shoes are also good, since they are designed to slide in a controlled manner on a wood floor. If you don't have bowling shoes, bring dress shoes with leather soles or rubber soles that don't grip the floor too tightly (tennis shoes grip the floor too tightly and make it hard to turn). If the shoes have black rubber or plastic soles, please make sure it's not the kind that leaves black scuff marks on the floor. Ladies: High heels are fine, but not required. The shoes should have backs and/or ankle straps so when you turn your foot, your heel doesn't slide off the shoe.

Also, at the final class session of each series—as well as the dance events Dave holds in his studio—it is a tradition (but certainly not a requirement) to dress up in the kind of outfit appropriate for the class: 1940s clothes for the Lindy classes, Latin clothes for the Salsa classes, cowboy or Western clothes for the Country classes, and something semi-formal for the Ballroom classes. See the Lindy Clothes page or the Latin Clothes page for details.

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