Registration and Payment

Unless you have already done so, you must, before taking any dance classes from Dancer Guy, sign and return the Participation Agreement and Acknowledgement of Risk. (This form is a PDF file; if you do not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader—the software necessary to display and print a PDF file—you can get it from Adobe's website free of charge.) This signed and dated form must be returned to Dancer Guy before you take any classes (bringing it to the first class session is fine, and it just needs to be filled out once, not once per class series).

Public classes are $30 per person for the entire series of classes. Public classes are virtually always a set of four class sessions, each one an hour and fifteen minutes long, making a total of five hours of class time. Exceptions to this four-session, five-hour pattern are rare.

If you have attended a DancerGuy class previously, and you recommend my classes to someone who, as a result of your recommendation, enrolls at the regular price in his or her first public class with DancerGuy, your own enrollment fee for that same series of classes will be reduced by $5. If you recommend to two other people, and they both enroll at the regular price, your own fee goes down by $10, and so forth, until you pay nothing at all if your recommendations cause six or more newcomers to enroll at the regular price. Note that two people cannot recommend the classes to each other to both get discounts. . .  :-)

Please make every effort to attend all class sessions; there are no refunds. Also, each class session builds on skills learned in the previous class sessions, so missing a session or two will seriously impair your ability to get the most out of the classes.

Making Payment to Dancer Guy

You can make your payment via credit card, postal mail, or in person:

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