Custom Classes

If you have more than five people wanting to take private lessons at the same time, it's getting more into the realm of custom classes, and prices are lower. Custom classes are similar to public classes, but they differ in these important ways:

The cost for Custom Classes is per hour instead of per session, because Custom Class sessions can be an hour, 90 minutes, two hours, three hours, or pretty much whatever length you want. Here are the prices for custom classes:

One Instructor Two Instructors
6–9 students $10/hour/student $15/hour/student
10–15 students $9/hour/student (10% off) $13/hour/student
16–20 students $8/hour/student (20% off) $12/hour/student

If you wish to have two instructors present, as mentioned in the table above, Dancer Guy will bring in one of his co-instructors. This will allow Dave to demonstrate dance moves much better, because there will be a lady there who already knows the dance being taught. Also, having two instructors present makes for twice as much personal attention for each student, so you will learn more quickly and mistakes will be corrected sooner.

Dancer Guy's studio can't conveniently handle much more than about 20 people at a time in an instructional context; if you want to have more than 20 people in a custom class, we should break it into two separate groups.

Note that the prices above apply to custom classes at Dancer Guy's studio, but custom classes can also be done at your location, should you require it. For custom classes at your location, there will be an additional charge, based on the driving time required, whether or not Dave needs to bring along a sound system, and so forth. If you would like custom classes at your location, call or text Dave at 970-581-1614 and discuss your requirements and he will give you a quote for prices in your specific situation.

Available refreshments for single-evening events include cookies, candy, nuts, chips and salsa or guacamole, fruit tray, veggie tray and dip, juices, iced tea, and coffee. The cost depends on which items you want, and the size of your group. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted.

If you are interested in custom classes, decide on the following options:

Use the last four bullet items along with the price table above to figure out the cost per student for the series of classes, and then contact Dave ( or 970-207-9176) to add in the cost of refreshments (if you want any), and schedule the class times. Please have in mind a few different timelots in which you could do the classes, in case your first choice(s) are already booked by someone else. Payment for the entire series of custom classes is due for each student at the beginning of the first class session.

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